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National Adighe Radio and Television
National Adighe Radio and Television (NART) is the first Circassian satellite channel. The purpose of this channel is preserve the Circassian language, culture, and heritage. The channel targets all Circassians within the satellite coverage. It broadcasts mainly in the Circassian language, with future plans to expand to other languages.

Who is behind the channel?
A team of young university students worked very hard to bring this channel on air in 2007 starting from creating the channel logo through the filming of multiple programs covering a variety of content.
Our Vision
To bond and connect all Circassian people and their communities around the world through all available and affordable media!
Our Mission
• Establish a high quality TV channel on a satellite with coverage of areas with a high density of Circassian people.
• Establish a web site to complement the satellite channel.
• Lay the groundwork for broadcasting a satellite radio channel in the near future.
• Establish a network of viewers across the 3 main Circassian-speaking regions (MiddleEast, Russia, and Turkey)
• Increase of the number of Circassian language speakers especially among young people.
Our Goals
• Preservation of the Language
The Circassian language is in desperate need of preservation. It is a language that contains the essence of the ancient world, and holds a valuable key for historians, scientists and linguists who work to understand the mysteries of early humankind.
• Preservation of Circassian identity
Many Circassian communities around the world have lost their sense of national identity. This is particularly true for the youth. NART TV role is to emphasize on the importance of reviving the national identity.
• Preservation of culture and heritage
It is important to share with young viewers details about original Circassian culture, heritage and the history behind their formation.
• Convey Circassian history to the World
Through the production of materials related to Circassian history and Circassian figures we hope that we will play a role in the preservation of our history. NART TV will reveal the Circassian people’s contribution to the world of civilization, and development in the North Caucasus and diaspora communities.
• Support International Circassian Benevolent Associations
Documenting and revealing the achievements of all Circassian associations worldwide and their contribution to charitable causes and development world wide.

NOORSAT 2 (Nilesat orbit) at 7 WEST|Frequency: 10872 MHz|Polarization: Vertical|Symbol rate: 27500|FEC:3/4
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We want to hear from you, if you have any comments, complaint or questions regarding our programs or regarding our channel please do not hesitate to contact us.
We appreciate your feedback, if you would like to share it with us please fill the below form, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.
Thank you for your time and looking forward to hear from you.
Nart TV Contact Information
Mob: +962 7 85857000